Plan of Work

Doctoral students are required to complete a Plan of Work (POW) in consultation with their advisors. The POW is submitted online through MyPack Portal. The doctoral POW, including the courses to be undertaken in the student's program and the dissertation topic, should be prepared by the doctoral student and his/her advisory committee and submitted electronically to the Graduate School. The POW as a whole should be rationally unified, with all constituent parts contributing to an organized plan of study and research, and courses must be selected from groups embracing one principal subject of concentration, the major, with the option of designating courses in a cognate field, the minor. When a student elects to designate a minor, he/she should select the minor course work from a discipline or field that, in the judgment of the advisory committee, provides relevant support to the major field. 

The POW should include both a list of the course work to be undertaken (in all programs) and the dissertation topic; be developed by the student and his/her advisory committee; be approved by the committee and the Director of Graduate Programs or Department Head prior to submission to the Graduate School for final approval; be submitted prior to completion of 12 hours of a doctoral program.