Residence Credits

A student working toward a doctoral degree is expected to be registered for graduate work at NC State for at least six (6) semesters beyond the bachelor's degree. The University has basic residence requirements, as defined below, but the academic schools/colleges have the prerogative of establishing more restrictive requirements within the respective schools/colleges. Residence credit is determined by the number of semester hours of graduate work carried during a regular semester. 

The Plan of Work should include both a list of the course work to be undertaken (in all programs) and the dissertation topic; be developed by the student and his/her advisory committee; be approved by the committee and the Director of Graduate Programs or Department Head prior to submission to the Graduate School for final approval; be submitted prior to completion of 12 hours of a doctoral program.

At least two residence credits are necessary in continuous residence (registration in consecutive semesters) as a graduate student at the University, but failure to take courses in the summer does not break continuity. 

Semester Credits (Hours) Residence Credits
9 or more 1
6-8 2/3
less than 6
(including registration in 590, 690 series) 

Summer Residency 

Summer course work, however, can be used in partial fulfillment of this requirement. A single summer session is equal to one-half of the corresponding amount for a regular semester. For example, six semester hours carried during a summer session will earn one-third of a residence credit; less than six credit hours will earn one-sixth of a residence credit.