Summary of Doctoral Procedures

  1. Application materials and required fee received. 
  2. Application materials reviewed by graduate program.
  3. Graduate program forwards recommendation regarding applicant's admissibility to Graduate Dean.
  4. The graduate program's recommendation is reviewed and the student is notified of the action taken on the request for admission.
  5. Outstanding transcripts, if any, showing any or all post-secondary coursework attempted and degree(s) conferred since application should be submitted by student to the Graduate School, prior to matriculation. 
  6. If admitted, the student arrives, reports to the graduate program, is assigned an advisor and makes out a roster of courses in consultation with the departmental advisor and Director of Graduate Programs (DGP). 
  7. Advisory committee of at least four NC State Graduate Faculty members, one of whom is designated as the chair and one of whom represents the minor field (where appropriate), is appointed by the Graduate Dean upon the recommendation of the DGP. The Graduate Dean also selects a graduate faculty member to serve as the Graduate School Representative on the student's committee. 
  8. Student approves Patent Agreement via Student Self-Service in the MyPack portal.
  9. A dissertation subject is selected and an outline of the proposed research is submitted to the student's advisory committee and the DGP for review and approval. 
  10. Plan of Graduate Work is prepared by the advisory committee with the student, is approved by the DGP, and is submitted to the Graduate School for approval as soon as feasible after completion of 12 hours of course work. 
  11. Written examinations in the major and minor fields are scheduled no earlier than the end of the second year of graduate study and not later than one semester before the final oral examination. The results of these examinations will be reported to the Graduate School. 
  12. When all written examinations have been completed satisfactorily, the chair submits the Request for Approval to Schedule the Doctoral Oral Examination, designating the preliminary oral examination, at least two weeks prior to the suggested date. Upon approval of the request, the student and examining committee are notified of the time and place. The DGP sends the report of the exam to the Graduate School and if the exam is passed without conditions, the student is admitted to candidacy. 
  13. A copy of the preliminary draft of the dissertation is submitted to the chair of the student's advisory committee for review. 
  14. The Diploma Order Request Form must be filed with the Graduate School by the end of the sixth week of the semester or summer session of anticipated graduation. Failure to submit the form by this date may result in the student's failure to receive the diploma at graduation. 
  15. At least two weeks prior to the final oral examination, the chair of the student's advisory committee submits the dissertation to advisory committee members for review. 
  16. Four calendar months after admission to candidacy or later, and after the dissertation is complete except for such revisions as may be necessary as a result of the final exam, the chair submits to the Graduate School the Request for Approval to Schedule the Doctoral Oral Examination, designating a request for permission for the candidate to take the final oral exam. Requests should be filed at least two weeks before the date of the examination. Upon approval of the request, the student and the examining committee, including a Graduate School representative, are notified of the time and place of the examination. The Graduate School Representative receives a copy of the dissertation at least one week prior to the examination. 
  17. The Graduate School requires that all theses and dissertations be properly submitted electronically following the requirements in the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) website. Specific deadlines for each semester, as well as formatting requirements, are posted in the online Thesis and Dissertation Guide, located on the ETD website. 
  18. The dissertation is reviewed by the Graduate School to ensure that the format conforms to the specifications prescribed in the Thesis and Dissertation Guide. 
  19. All students must apply to graduate before the semester deadline via MyPack Portal in order to be placed on the graduation list, have the name printed in the graduate programs, have the diploma ordered and the transcript posted.
  20. All course work scheduled in a graduate degree classification must be completed prior to graduation. 
  21. A GPA of at least 3.000 is required for graduation. 
  22. All degree requirements must be completed within 10 calendar years, beginning with the date the student commences courses carrying graduate credit applicable to the degree program, unless a more restrictive time limit has been established by the program or academic college/school.