1.4 Directors of Graduate Programs

Appointment Process
Each department offering graduate study is required to appoint a Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) from among its Graduate Faculty. The Department Head, or Dean in the case of interdisciplinary programs, submits this designation in writing to the Office of the Graduate Dean.


  1. Handles all correspondence between Graduate School and the graduate program;
  2. Initiates program-related proposals to the Administrative Board, either informally through contact with Graduate Deans or formally through written proposals to be considered at Administrative Board meetings; seeks approval of College Graduate Studies Committee and College Associate Dean for Academic Affairs prior to submitting to ABGS.
  3. Student recruitment;
  4. Conducts orientation of new graduate students;
  5. Advises students requesting admission to graduate program;
  6. Recommends admission or denial of graduate applicants;
  7. Conducts the daily administration of departmental graduate programs;
  8. Serves as temporary advisor to new graduate students, providing them information and advice including but not limited to course selection and scheduling, faculty interests, procedural matters, and University resources;
  9. Appoints graduate students to assistantships and fellowships;
  10. Approves students' plans of work after approval by Graduate Committee; submit plan to Graduate School;
  11. Submits requests for scheduling preliminary and final oral examinations and graduation checkouts;
  12. Transmits information from Graduate School to student
  13. Monitors graduate students' progress and graduation credits
  14. Advises students;
  15. Assists new students in selecting major advisor;
  16. Nominates eligible students for individual fellowships and transmits their applications to Graduate School;
  17. Assists Graduate School in conducting the 10-year review of the graduate program, by initiating process of self-study upon notification by Graduate Dean;
  18. Assists Graduate School in developing fellowship proposals, including recruitment of Graduate Faculty to draft proposals and participate in proposed fellowship project;
  19. Assists Graduate School in managing fellowship awards to the program's graduate students.