1.5 Graduate Services Coordinators

The Graduate Services Coordinator serves as the principal administrative liaison between the student, the graduate program, and the Graduate School. In this capacity, the Graduate Services Coordinator:

  1. Processes admissions applications, collects all necessary documents, and submits the materials and recommendations to the Graduate School;
  2. Prompts students to meet critical Graduate School deadlines, such as preparing Plans of Graduate Work, appointing advisory committees, adding and dropping courses, maintaining continuous registration, filing for diploma cards, preparing for Option B checkouts, and requesting the scheduling of oral exams;
  3. Assists students and DGPs in preparing and forwarding to the Graduate School requests for leaves of absence, Plans of Graduate Work, committee appointments, Requests for Permits to Schedule the Master's Final Examination, Requests to Schedule Doctoral Oral Examinations, grade changes, transfer requests, reinstatements, and any other materials requiring approval by the Graduate School;
  4. Develops proficiency in using the Student Information System (SIS), the Graduate School Information System databases, and other information systems to facilitate all graduate student-related correspondence with Graduate School.