1.7 Administrative Board of the Graduate School

Board Members
The Administrative Board of the Graduate School (referred to hereinafter as the Administrative Board or the Board) is advisory to the Dean of the Graduate School. The board includes representation from each of the colleges offering graduate programs and one representative each from the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Student Association. College representatives include one graduate faculty member elected by the graduate faculty of each college through election procedures that conform to those for Faculty Senators. In addition, the Chancellor, after consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School, may appoint additional members to the board not to exceed one-half the number of elected members.


  1. Advise the Dean of the Graduate School;
  2. Review all course proposals at the graduate level (500-800 level);
  3. Review all proposals for new degree programs (including interdisciplinary programs) or concentrations or modify existing ones;
  4. Review all proposals for changing existing curricula;
  5. Review all course action forms for proposed new graduate courses;
  6. Review all proposals for offering graduate courses and programs through Distance Education;
  7. Review and develop Graduate School rules and regulations, such as requirements for admission, admission to doctoral candidacy, retention of students, permissible course loads, transfer credit, grading, foreign language requirements, thesis requirements and exams, and standards for Graduate Faculty membership;
  8. Participate in matters of concern to graduate education in the University of North Carolina system through the University's representatives on the Graduate Council of the University of North Carolina; and
  9. Select recipients for fellowships, scholarships, posthumous degrees, and distinguished graduate professorships.