NCSU PSM Professional Science Master's Programs

At NC State University we are pioneers in creating workforce-relevant professional science Master's programs in collaboration with employers. The close proximity to the Research Triangle Park ensures that our students are able to interact in person with industry instructors and hiring managers on site or on campus and that NC State program faculty are able to meet with local employers and tailor the curriculum to meet their dynamic needs.

PSM 10 Year Legacy Report

NC State University's suite of interdisciplinary professional PSM degrees focuses on today's important emerging issues such as renewable energy, commercial banking, climate and environmental issues, human and animal food supply, biotechnology, and information science and technology development.

At NC State University we coordinate events for the entire University of North Carolina System of Universities (NC State University is one of the 16 UNC campuses) and offer our expertise and wide range of new methods and tools to all PSM directors and PSM students.