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The Graduate School honors excellence in teaching and professional development

On April 19, 2010, the Graduate School recognized the graduate students who have completed the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) and the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) programs. Nearly 100 colleagues, friends, family members, faculty, and staff attended the ice cream social to celebrate NC State’s commitment to teaching excellence and professional development opportunities for graduate students.

Interim Provost Warwick Arden congratulated the students and stated, “Graduate students are the next generation of leaders.” He explained that if NC State values excellence and innovation, this should also include excellence and innovation in the classroom by emphasizing teaching, leadership, and mentoring. Provost Arden took time to recognize graduate students who have teaching responsibilities and who have spent additional time beyond their own coursework and research learning how to teach effectively.

Dr. Duane Larick, Dean of the Graduate School, highlighted the importance of offering training, support, and professional development opportunities for graduate students through the Preparing Future Leaders initiative. Larick noted, “The Preparing Future Leaders (PFL) programs are some of the most rewarding programs in the Graduate School.” He hopes the Graduate School can become recognized for these types of “out of the classroom” initiatives to help graduate students learn transferable skills that are necessary in academia, industry, and government. Dean Larick described the overall growth and success of the PFL initiative, which has delivered 223 professional development workshops and seminars to more than 4400 graduate students since it was established in 2007.

Provost Arden and Dean Larick recognized 45 students who have successfully completed the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program and honored 22 students who successfully completed the Preparing the Professoriate program. Both of these programs are part of the Graduate School’s Preparing Future Leaders initiative, designed to offer training, support, and professional development experiences for graduate students.

2009-2010 CoAT Graduates:
Kristen Abernathy, Mathematics
Zachary Abernathy, Mathematics
Katherine Almquist, Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Lissete Betancur, Plant Biology
Jonathan Burr, Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media
Ticola Caldwell, Psychology
Abigail E Cameron, Sociology & Anthropology
Alicain S Carlson, Horticultural Science
Tracy Collins, Economics
Katherine Connolly, English
Susan Crook, Applied Mathematics
Wendy Drake, Crop Science
Elke Feese, Chemistry
William Fields, Biology
Heather Gerard, Mathematics
Ashley Grantham, English
Fredessa D Hamilton, Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media
Jaquelyn Harvey, Communication
Sonia Herrero, Plant Biology
Alyssa Hopkins, Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Science
Jennifer Hurley-Sanders, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
Fadi M. Jadoun, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Anushka Jagdeo, English
Genessa Jagdeo, English
Rebecca Jayne, Mathematics
Ka Yeon Jeong, Horticultural Science
Kristin Kirkland, English & First Year Writing Program
Meagan A Kittle, English
Jitendra Kumar, Civil Engineering
Emma Locke, Horticultural Science
Avizia Yim Long, Foreign Languages & Literature
Amanda Matson, Psychology
Alejandra McComb, Animal Science
Francisco Morera, Civil Engineering
Madison Natt, English
Elizabeth Overman, Physiology & Veterinary Medicine
Jaehoon Park, Electrical Engineering
Traci Rose Rider, Design
Siddharth Savadatti, Civil Engineering
Derek Sollenberger, Computer Science
Steven Toaddy, Psychology
Ana Raquel Vila-Parrish, Industrial Engineering
Qiang Wang, Applied Mathematics
Liese Zahabi, Graphic Design
Yuemei Zhang, Chemistry

PTP Fellows and Mentors:
Frim Ampaw, Adult & Higher Education, Mentor: Dr. Audrey Jaeger
Karen Bliss, Applied Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Sandra Paur
Lindsey Bosko, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Kailash Misra
Judith Canner, Biomathematics & Statistics, Mentor: Pam Arroway
Mindy Capaldi, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Jack Silverstein
Michelle Casper, Materials Science & Engineering, Mentor: Dr. Jon-Paul Maria
Tracy Collins, Economics, Mentor: Dr. David Hyman
Brian Dellinger, Computer Science, Mentor: Dr. Donald Bitzer
Jonathan Dunbar, Mathematics, Mentors: Dr. Brenda Burns-Williams, Dr. Ernest Stitzinger
April Fogleman, Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences, Mentor: Dr. Sarah Ash
Lindsay Glass, Zoology, Mentor: Dr. Derek Aday
Min-Hsiung Lin, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Moody Chu
Sheryl Long, Curriculum & Instruction, Mentor: Dr. Carol Pope
Douglas Marks, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Nathan Reading
Kelly Martin, Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media, Mentor: Dr. Victoria Gallagher
Ellen Peterson, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Michael Shearer
Natalie Spencer, Counselor Education, Mentor: Dr. Marc Grimmett
Christina Tang, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Mentor: Dr. Saad Khan
Michael Taveirne, Microbiology, Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Olson
Robert Watson, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Alina Duca
Thomas Wears, Mathematics, Mentor: Dr. Irina Kogan
Kuang-Hao Yeh, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mentor: Dr. Reha Uzsoy

For more information, visit the Graduate School’s Preparing Future Leaders web site.

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt
Director of Graduate Teaching Programs

Dr. Melissa Bostrom
Director of Graduate Academic and Professional Development

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