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Heather Cutchin
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While the academic year has only just begun, Heather Cutchin’s year has commenced with an undoubtedly busy start. Newly married, she spent part of her honeymoon this summer presenting at the World Poultry Congress 2008 in Brisbane, Australia. And to top her hectic schedule off, Cutchin will also lead the University Graduate Student Association (UGSA) this year as its new president.

For the past 50 years, the UGSA has served as a link between students, colleges and the University community, with UGSA members holding positions on all of the University’s standing committees. The UGSA also provides funds to graduate students that help defray the expense of attending professional conferences and workshops, as well as funds to assist with thesis and dissertation binding.

Cutchin, a master’s student in poultry science, became involved with the UGSA last year as the Poultry Science program’s representative and knew immediately that she wanted to be involved in the work the organization does for NC State graduate students.

She looks forward to playing her part to further the UGSA’s goals of assisting the graduate student body and helping it serve the greater University community.

“That's the main drive of the UGSA,” Cutchin said. “And as President, I have to ensure that graduate students' voices are heard and their demands met.”

And even with her full schedule of activities and responsibilities, she still likes to make time for her outdoor hobbies -- “gardening, riding bikes [and] wandering in the woods,” and hanging out with her new husband and Golden Retriever, Pippin.