2012 Postdoc Symposium!

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Research SymposiumThe NC State Postdoc Association and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs co-sponsored their first research symposium on June 7, 2012, at the Carmichael Gym Playzone. The goal of the symposium was to raise awareness about the contributions that postdoctoral scholars make to NC State's research and scholarship. Faculty, university administrators and students also attended this event. The symposium gave our postdoctoral researchers an opportunity to showcase their work -- and rumor has it that the symposium was a huge success!

The following postdoctoral researchers presented at the symposium:

Julie N.L. Albert (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
David J. Bautz (Genetics)
Jinyan Cao (Biology)
Mary Anna Carbone (Genetics)
Kristen Delaney (Microbiology)
Kyle G. Grant (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Andrew Hillhouse (Genetics)
Benjamin R. Lynch (Bioinformatics)
Rachel Lynch (Genetics)
Michael Magwire (Genetics)
Tara Nash (Horticultural Science)
Kumari Neelam (Crop Science)
Meghali Nighot (Clinical Sciences
Kenichi Okamoto (Entomology)
Etienne Palleau (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Carrie Pickworth (Animal Science)
Amsarani Ramamoorthy (Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science)
Abhijit Rangmekar (Materials Science and Engineering)
Marie-Laure Sauer (Plant Biology)
Jennifer Schafer (Plant Biology)
Suman Sen (Forest Biomaterials)
Ellen Thompson (Environmental and Molecular Toxicology)
Shiying Tian (Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
Roopa D. Yalamanchili (Plant Biology)

Thanks to all who made the first symposium a memorable event!

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