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Richard Shoge
Richard Shoge







Richard Shoge’s time with the AGEP program confirmed his decision to attend NC State while helping him achieve his goal of being admitted to a graduate program. Shoge attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), for his undergraduate degree and knew that he wanted to be involved in orthopaedic research.

During his time in AGEP, he studied “articular cartilage damage due to high impact trauma and its possible effects leading to the initiation of osteoarthritis.” His research at NC State is “the exact same project. I used my summer here, thanks to the AGEP program to get a head start on my research of interest.”

Shoge knew that the AGEP program would help him get an early look at NC State, prepare him for graduate school life, and allow him to work in the labs. He did indeed, gain all of these benefits. However, the program exceeded his expectations with “the support that the AGEP program has given me even after that initial summer.” Dr. David Shafer and Alison Al-Baati have “constantly kept me informed of opportunities such as fellowships and scholarships that are available that could help me in my pursuit of a Ph.D.”

Shoge describes Raleigh as the perfect blend of the characteristics of large and small cities. “Raleigh has a lot to do as far as cultural, social, and sport activities yet it is not as sprawling and expensive as some of the larger cities that I was accustomed to during my undergrad [Baltimore-DC area].” He finds that additional benefits of Raleigh’s location include “the resources available here. Anything I need, whether educational or other personal needs, I can obtain in the Triangle Area.”