Celebration of Graduate Student Success!

On April 17th, 2013, the Graduate School recognized the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who have earned recognition for their participation in Preparing Future Leaders (PFL) programs.

PFL programs are designed to establish a foundation for lifelong professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Since 2007, PFL has delivered 617 events to more than 14,000 participants. The PFL Celebration of Graduate Student Success honored participants who completed the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program, the Mentoring and Teaching Practicum, the Preparing the Professoriate program, the Graduate Leadership Development Series, the Certificate in Career Development, and the inaugural group of PFL Ambassadors. More than 100 colleagues, friends, family, faculty, and staff members attended the ice cream social and poster session to celebrate NC State's commitment to excellence in professional development.

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Warwick Arden congratulated the students and postdocs who participated in the programs offered through the Preparing Future Leaders initiative. Provost Arden explained, "NC State University is a comprehensive public research university globally recognized for leadership in developing new knowledge, educating the next generation for the use of that knowledge, and applying that knowledge for the benefit of society. You, our graduate students, are critical to the success of NC State and today, we want to celebrate your dedication and commitment in supporting and advancing the mission of our university." He continued, "You are our next generation of leaders in the academy, in industry, and in our communities. Many of you are already shaping the future with your commitment to teaching, research, leadership, and service."

Menglong Hu, PhD student in Chemistry, served as the keynote speaker for the ceremony. He successfully completed the Graduate Leadership Development Series, and he now serves as one of our PFL Ambassadors. He is a PFL Ambassador, a member of the PFL advisory board, and he completed the Graduate Leadership Development (GLDS) program. He has attended 34 PFL events during his graduate career, so he certainly knows the benefits of PFL events! Hu explained, "Through PFL, I learned about leadership, about communication skills, about career development, and about teaching. I learned how to handle an interview, how to motivate my students in class, how to conduct my research, and how to deal with the conflict, and how to teach effectively as a TA. I always knew that those skills were very important for my future development, but I couldn't find a way to learn them systematically. PFL provided me the channel, a channel I can't find anywhere else."

Provost Arden joined Dr. Rebeca Rufty, Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Dr. Melissa Bostrom, and Dr. Beth Overman as they awarded 111 certificates to students who successfully completed the PFL programs. The recipients of each award are listed below:

PFL Ambassadors 2012-2013
Alicain S. Carlson, Horticultural Science
Natalie Kathleen Cooke, Nutrition
Chirag R. Gajjar, Fiber & Polymer Science
Menglong Hu, Chemistry
Marc Philip Kai, Chemical Engineering
Haritha Malladi, Civil Engineering
Barry Peddycord III, Computer Science
Katherine Ryker, Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences
Molly Hartzog Storment, Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media
Audrey Kayo Watanabe, Industrial Design

Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching Graduates, Fall 2012- Spring 2013
Alecia Anderson, Sociology & Anthropology
Bethany Bradshaw, English
Shanita Brown, Curriculum & Instruction
Gerald S. Burgner, Horticultural Science
Mangesh Champhekar*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Hammad Arshad Cheema*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Hui Cong*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Angel Elisa Cruz, Crop Science
Kathy DeBusk, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Joshua Dillard, Design
Robert Dinterman, Economics
William J. Gabler*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Ladan Ghobad, Design
Alexander Gill, Economics
Ursula Hairston, Office for Institutional Equality & Diversity
George Hallowell, Architecture
Christina Harrington, Design
Allison Hedges, Mathematics
Maqbool Hussain*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Jennifer A. Kimball, Crop Science
Jana Koehler, English
Meng Li, Statistics
Shuang Liang, Chemistry
Devorah A. Marks Stowe, Population Health & Pathobiology
Avinav Nandgaonkar*, Fiber & Polymer Science
Jacob Norton, Mathematics
Irina Pritchett, Management
Margaret Rahmoeller, Mathematics
Srinivasan Rasipuram, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Kelley Rathod, Graphic Design
Stephanie Riche, Economics
Kelly Rockwell, Biology
Jennifer Sabourin, Computer Science
Soundarya Srirangan, Plant Biology
Kevin D. Stallings, Crop Science
Robert Thomas Super III, History
Jeffrey Charles Swift, Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media
Sameer Sudhakar Tendulkar, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Wenwen Zhang*, Textiles Engineering, Chemistry, & Science
Jiameng Zheng, Plant Biology
* TECS Graduates, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Michielsen.

Chemistry Teaching Certificate Graduates, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
Leiah Carey, Chemistry
James McCord, Chemistry
Jonathan Mills, Chemistry
Tara Moening, Chemistry
Caleb Porter, Chemistry

Preparing the Professoriate Fellows & Mentors, 2012 - 2013
Alyssa Armstrong, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Kailash Misra
Robert W. Benim, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Alina Duca
Jennifer Dixon, Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences; Mentor: Dr. Dave DeMaster
David Fiala, Computer Science; Mentors: Dr. Sarah Heckman & Dr. Frank Mueller
Kathleen Foote, Physics; Mentor: Dr. Albert Young
Rachael Gordon-Wright, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Pierre Gremaud
John T. Holodnak, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Bojko Bakalov
Jess Houle, Entomology; Mentor: Dr. Clyde Sorenson
Tara D. Hudson, Educational Research & Policy Analysis; Mentor: Dr. Audrey Jaeger
Rupa Iasmin, Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering; Mentor: Dr. Joel Ducoste
Meagan Kittle Autry, Communications, Rhetoric, & Digital Media; Mentor: Dr. David Rieder
Dan Maroncelli, Mathematics; Mentors: Ms. Brenda Burns-Williams & Dr. Ernest Stitzinger
Kestrel McCorkle, Plant Pathology; Mentor: Dr. H. David Shew
Emily Gray Medlin, Comparative Biomedical Sciences; Mentor: Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips
Nicole Nesheim, Curriculum & Instruction; Mentor: Dr. Carol Pope
Tamara Pandolfo, Zoology; Mentors: Dr. Nick Haddad & Dr. Thomas Wentworth
Terrance Pendleton, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Alina Chertock
Brian Piper, Operations Research; Mentor: Dr. Ranji Ranjithan
Srinivasan Rasipuram, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Mentor: Dr. Andrey Kuznetsov
Nathaniel J. Schwartz, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Molly Fenn
Guillermo Velarde, Forest Biomaterials; Mentors: Dr. Daniel Saloni & Dr. Richard Lemaster
Brittney M. VornDick, Physics; Mentors: Dr. David Aspnes & Dr. David Haase
Justin Wright, Mathematics; Mentor: Dr. Hoon Hong

Mentoring and Teaching Practicum - Graduates and Mentors, Spring 2013
Dr. Christine M. Bergeron, Toxicology; Mentor: Dr. Francie Cuffney, Meredith College
Dr. Nathanial Burch, Mathematics; Mentors: Dr. Stephen Robinson, Wake Forest University & Dr. Kirsten Doehler, Elon University
Natalie Kathleen Cooke, Nutrition; Mentor: Dr. Lauren Halderman, UNC Greensboro
Dr. Aaron Freeman Fox, Crop Science; Mentor: Steve Moore, Elon University
Molly Erin Meachum, English; Mentor: Paige Vinson, Durham Technical Community College

Graduate Leadership Development Series Graduates, 2012 - 2013
Juhee Bae, Computer Science
Venkata Krishnan Chandramouli, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Hana Chmielewski, Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
Lei He, Economics
Abhay Joijode, Fiber & Polymer Science
Carissa Lada, Material Science & Engineering
Mary Lewis, Plant Pathology
Suzanne Martin, Social Work
Veronica Mbaneme, Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Ana McClanahan, Leadership, Policy, & Adult and Higher Education
Aparna Mohan, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kesireddy Rakeshreddy, Civil Engineering
Maria Riaz, Computer Science
Ravikanth Vangala, Textile Technology Management
Hui Wang, Operations Research

For more information about the Graduate School's Preparing Future Leaders initiative:

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Professional Development & Teaching Programs

Dr. Beth Overman, Assistant Director of the Graduate Academic & Professional Development Programs

Dr. Rebeca Rufty, Interim Dean

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