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Meixun Zheng won first place at this year's Graduate Student Research Symposium in the Education category. Her winning poster is entitled Fifth Graders' Flow Experience in a Game-Based Science Learning Environment.

Originally from China, Zheng received her B.A. on English Language Arts Education and her M.A. in Educational Administration, both from East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. Well armed with English studies and a background in education, she decided to pursue her doctoral program in Department of Curriculum and Instruction at NC State. (She graduated in May 2012). Zheng says that she chose NC State because of the ". . . outstanding graduate programs offered here and the diversity on campus."

Zheng says that she's always been interested in education as a career choice. But at NC State, she combined her love of education with technology -- or as she says, ". . . research at the intersection of literacy and technology." Consequently, her doctoral research projects were interdisciplinary, involving ". . . areas of online reading comprehension, videos, games, and how internet and communication technology have changed teacher education and student learning in the 21st century."

Her dissertation specifically studied game-based learning for K-12 students. In the dissertation, she examined 5th graders' enjoyable and playful game-based science learning experience through the lens of flow theory. It was this research that she presented at the Symposium. She hopes that her research will contribute to K-12 teaching and learning innovation both in the U.S. and globally. Zheng wants to help ". . . create a learning environment that is both engaging and effective for students."

The Research Symposium provided Zheng with ". . . a unique opportunity for me to learn from my fellow students. . . ." She said that it was not only an honor for her to present her research, but she was also ". . . impressed by the diverse and outstanding research projects being conducted. . ." by her fellow graduate students.

But Zheng appreciates all the diverse research and teaching experiences that came her way while at NC State. She is particularly grateful for her involvement in various grant-funded research projects, as well as her chance to work with an interdisciplinary team of researchers. Most of all, however, she values the ". . . opportunity to work closely with K-12 teachers and students."

Putting her new Ph.D. to good use, Zheng is currently Adjunct Assistant Research Professor at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, California.

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