High Performance Computing


Hillsborough Building NC State University High-Performance Computing (HPC) is part of the initiative to provide state of the art support for research and academic computing at NC State. HPC group provides NC State students and faculty with entry and medium level high-performance research and education computing facilities, consulting support and scientific workflow support. This service shares infrastructure and staff resources with the Virtual Computing Laboratory (VCL).

HPC services include shared memory computing, distributed memory computing, data storage, a suite of applications, and consulting and collaboration on computational issues.

Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers NC State faculty an HPC Partnership Program. Researchers purchase HPC hardware (compute blades and/or storage) and any specialized or discipline-specific software licenses. OIT provides space in an appropriate and secure operating environment, option to combine the purchased computing power and storage with that available by the general HPC program, and the system administration and support. In return for services provided by OIT, when computing resources are not being used by the faculty partner, the server(s) are available to the general NC State HPC cluster user community.

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