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  1. Request HPC project or add additional accounts (i.e., Unity ID)

Account FAQ

Who may request access to NC State University HPC Resources?
Any NC State faculty member may request an project.
May a project be shared with students or collaborators?
A project may include several individual accounts. Each individual must use only their own account. Accounts will be added to a project at the request of the faculty member who requested the project (principal investigator).
How are projects requested?
New projects can be requested online using the create project option at https://oitrsvprd.oit.ncsu.edu/.
How are additional accounts requested?
Additional accounts may be added to an existing project online using the manage project at https://oitrsvprd.oit.ncsu.edu/.
What is the procedure to add a collaborator who is not NCSU faculty, staff or student?
Accounts on HPC resources use NC State Unity IDs for authentication. So access to these systems requires a Unity ID. The web page Computing Account Maintenance outlines the necessary procedure, stating that "Departments needing Unity accounts for guests should enter these people into the HR system as 'no-pay' employees."

To navigate the HR systen, faculty should work with the HR person in their department. The required documents are detailed in form HR-003, "Hiring Credentials Checklist for New No Pay EPA Employees", available near the bottom of Human Resources - EPA Forms. When the collaborator has obtained "no-pay" employment status, a Unity ID will be available from the department HR person, and the sponsoring faculty can then request an account by the procedure outlined at the top of the page (so that an HPC account will be created overnight).

Ideally, the procedure will take only a few days. Since "'no-pay' employment" requires several layers of approval, it's a good idea to start the procedure a week (preferably two weeks) before a collaborator arrives on campus.

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