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Running Interactive jobs with with the HPC VCL image

    HPC users should use the login nodes mainly for compiling codes, editing files, and submitting jobs via bsub. Most computations are performed on the thousands of computational cores, accessible only through bsub. Attempting computations on the 5 login blades can easily cause them to freeze up and require rebooting, inconveniencing many other users.

    However, some interactive tasks, such as viewing output and preparing input files, running Matlab, R, SAS, VMD, Simulink sessions, etc., are frequently needed as a part of an HPC work flow, and are facilitated by use of files resident on the HPC.

    Using the VCL HPC image enables interactive computational and graphics tasks using the HPC file systems. The user visits the web site The user clicks "Make a Reservation" in the left tool bar, selects the HPC VCL image from the VCL menu, gets an IP address, and logs in to that address as he/she would to the login nodes.


    will tell the user what file systems are mounted on the VCL HPC. A limitation is that gpfs files systems are not mounted.

    Another issue is that "add" commands do not work on the VCL HPC. So instead of

    add foo 


    source /usr/local/apps/env/foo.csh

    Where using a login node heavily will earn you angry notes from a sys admin, you're welcome to use a VCL HPC image as heavily as you please.

    If you encounter problems accessing the HPC VCL image or find codes that run on the login blades, but not on the VCL image, please let us know by e-mailing oit_hpc at help dot ncsu dot edu.

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