High Performance Computing

Other HPC resources accessible to the NC State community

  • The National Science Foundation provides HPC resources through XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment). See the XSEDE website for information on available resources and how to apply.
  • NC State's VCL service can provide customized cluster on demand for applications that are not able to run or appropriate to run on the production cluster. For more information contact: oit_hpc at help dot ncsu dot edu.
  • NC State HPC consultant Dr. Jianwei Dian and Dr. Ignacio Carbone of Plant Pathology have contributed to the The Mobyle Snap Workbench, accessible to all NC State students and researchers. The Mobyle Snap Portal allows execution many genetic analysis codes and allows construction of workflows. There are tutorials available.
  • ARC: A Root Cluster for Research into Scalable Computer Systems is a cluster with 1728 cores and infiniband interconnects. Many of the 128 nodes have nVidia GPUs as coprocessors. It is available to NCSU researchers (see the link for more information).
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