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High Performance Computing

Blade Center Cluster - henry2
Thermal Status

Rack 2A Rack 2B Rack 2C Rack 2D Rack 2E Rack 2F Rack 2G Rack 2H Rack 2I Rack 2J Rack 2K Rack 2L Rack 2M Rack 2N Rack 3O Rack 3N Rack 3M Rack 3L Rack 3I Rack 3H Rack 3G
Color Processor
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<= 20C (68F) <= 40C (104F)
<= 25C (77F) <= 55C (131F)
<= 30C (86F) <= 70C (158F)
<= 35C (95F) > 70C (158F)
> 35C (95F)