High Performance Computing

New Scratch File System Structure Coming August 21

/share, /share2, and /share3 will be replaced with new scratch file system.

Contents of /share, /share2, and /share3 will be avaliable as /gpfs_common/old_share, /gpfs_common/old_share2, and /gpfs_common/old_share3 respectively. Consistient with current purge policy these files will be available for 21 days.

Major Changes

  • Group quotas will be increased to 10TB for /share
  • Each HPC Project (group) will have a group writable directory /share/group_name - /share will no longer be world writable
  • Purge will change from 21 days to 30 days (files will remain in /scratch space without being accessed for 30 days)

Additional details will be coming soon.

High Performance Computing Services

OIT High Performance Computing (HPC) services provide NC State students and faculty entry and medium level high performance computing resources and consulting support for research and instruction.

HPC projects are available to all NC State faculty members on request. There is no charge from OIT for HPC projects. Once a project is established any number of Unity IDs can be authorized for access to HPC resources under that project (however a Unity ID can only be under one project at any given time).

HPC resources are regularly expanded and enhanced. Currently all HPC projects have capability to run jobs using up to 128 processor cores up to 48 hours and smaller jobs up to a week. These limits are frequently updated... so these should be considered as the minimum capability available.

The HPC resources also include nodes with attached GPUs and a set of nodes available for general use with InfiniBand interconnect for message passing.

Many of the Linux cluster compute nodes have been added by faculty partners. These additions provide additional computational capability for the partners and their groups and also provide additional capacity for campus when not being used by the partners.

Explore the links on the left side of the page to learn more about the HPC services available and to request or manage a project.