Vendor-Higher Ed Software License Partnering in the Cloud



Sharon P. Pitt
Executive Director
Division of Instructional Technology
George Mason University

Henry E. Schaffer
Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biomathematics
Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration/OIT
NC State University

Sarah R. Stein
Associate Professor of Communication
Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Faculty Collaboration/VCL
NC State University








1. Introduction of Session

2. Benefits of Private Cloud Computing to Institutions (institutions vary) 3. Benefits of Private Cloud Computing to Applications Vendors 4. Complexity associated with agreeing on type of licenses Not all vendors offer all types - or all types for all products.

5. What are vendor concerns / challenges?

What are higher education concerns / challenges 6. Applications vs OS

7. Opportunities for effective software licensing in the private cloud (vendor and institutional)

8. Discussion - where do we go from here?

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