The VCL (Virtual Computer-Lab) & HPC
An effective, economical, shared Cloud Computing Infrastructure



Henry E. Schaffer
Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biomathematics
Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration/OIT

Sarah R. Stein
Associate Professor of Communication
Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Faculty Collaboration/VCL



NC State University







Problems we faced at NC State

Considerations leading to adding the VCL to our IT Resources Overview of the VCL (the Virtual Computer-Lab) Solution Adoption - Culture Architecture - an overview Quick Walk-through Advantages - How/Why we get improved service at lower cost (costs include personnel, hardware, software) Limitations Conclusion
Current members of the NC State VCL/HPC Team: Sam Averitt, Jianwei Dian, Mikhail Bugaev, Marc Hoit, Gary Howell, Shawn van Hulst, Andy Kurth, Aaron Peeler, Henry Schaffer, Eric Sills, Sarah Stein, Josh Thompson, Mladen Vouk   Total FTE ~8 (including development team)


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