Will the Steamroller of Software Licensing Crush Me?



Henry E. Schaffer
Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biomathematics
Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration/OIT
North Carolina State University


  Jonathan Vester
Nash Community College


  Sarah Stein
Associate Professor, Dept of Communication
Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Faculty Collaboration/VCL
North Carolina State University



September 2013







Are we exaggerating about the "crush"?


Real situation

Getting out of this? Well, trying to

Citrix and others not exempt from VDA requirement
Is your Citrix/VMware/... salesperson lying to you?
"I'm buying VDI software from VMware/Citrix/other vendor. Do I still need Windows VDA? Yes, you do. If you are accessing a Windows client operating system (OS) as your guest OS in the datacenter from a thin client, Windows VDA is the appropriate licensing vehicle. You need this regardless of the VDI software vendor you choose. The only scenario where you would not need Windows VDA is if you were using PCs covered under Software Assurance as the access devices, since virtual desktop access rights are included as a benefit of SA."
[checked recently with Microsoft]

What's at Risk? Software audit, fines $$$, bad PR

How do we handle the Risks?

Implications for CCs

Less expensive ways