Cheating In a Technology Rich Environment

Combating Plagiarism with Technology

Henry E. Schaffer
Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biomathematics
Coordinator of Special IT Projects & Faculty Collaboration/OIT
Interim Director Emeritus, LTS/DELTA

Does it happen?   On-line Paper Mills     YES!!!!

Buying essays experiment
A Cartoon
The Shadow Scholar "The man who writes your students' papers tells his story" - affluent students aren't limited to paper mills. :-) Might this automated writing service put him out of a job?
More companies in this business! The New Cheating Economy Plagiarism and much more! (premium access Chronicle article) Don't stop at buying the paper (see Shadow Scholar above and below,) buy the whole course!
Overviews: Excellent Resource Pages (mostly from Libraries)

Cheating 101
Video on Plagiarism (may load slowly)
Plagiarism: Preventing, Detecting, Reporting Professional Writing Program @ NC State
Copyright, Fair Use and Ethics Lesson Plan
Plagiarism on Campus "Resources to Help Detect, Prevent and Avoid Classroom Plagiarism for Teachers and Students"
"PLAGIARISM: AVOID THE CONSEQUENCES" a nice short description of various types of plagiarism and a guide to proper citation of sources.
Avoiding Plagiarism
Resources for Web Plagiarism: Prevention and Detection (no longer available at, this link is to
A cynical view of what is considered to be widespread plagiarism, and how charges of "plagiarism" often miss the point. A short book chapter The Appearance of Impropriety: How the Ethics Wars Have Undermined American Government, Business, and Society by Peter W. Morgan & Glenn H. Reynolds

Non-text Plagiarism: Computer software
Does it happen?   Academic Dishonesty in a High-Tech Environment (also includes text cheating) - should be available through DH Hill Library Moss (Measure Of Software Similarity) a detection tool.
SNITCH (Spotting and Neutralizing Internet Theft by CHeaters) a detection tool.
"Outsourcing" homework? Can it be done by hiring someone? (It appears that people have tried this, even though this company used to exclude hiring someone for "implementing of a final project or writing a final thesis".)
Using Technology

Technology and Methods
P.S. My short discussion in the context of Computer and Information Literacy or Fluency.
    "How to get away with plagiarism" My discussion of ethics and plagiarism.

More resources:

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