Software Licensing in the VCL (Cloud) Context



Henry E. Schaffer
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Motivation for Higher Ed Cloud Use

Since you're attending, I assume you already know these - but for the sake of reference:

Motivation for Vendor

Important to emphasize during negotiations!

Software is IP

and so we need to deal with the owners, i.e., the vendors to obtain licenses. Higher ed must respect the legalities - like it or not.

A somewhat historical narrative of licensing
(with liberties taken wrt exact sequence)

Vendors and Costs

VCL and Licensing

Alignment of licensor and licensee regarding licenses Not all vendors offer all types of licenses - or all types for all products.

  • VCL central facilities - licensing terms may need clarification
  • concern about who (esp. students)

    Vendor Concerns

    Higher Education Concerns

    Bottom Line - Overall Cloud Outlook

    Must work with the vendors if their current licenses aren't suitable!

    The Educause Software Licensing Constituent Group "focuses on the issues involved in blending the corporate interests of software providers with the unique licensing needs of higher education institutions." Click to go to the Group's page where there is more information and a "Join List" link.

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