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Frequently Asked Questions




What is the Kannapolis Scholars Program?
This 4-year, $1,000,000 training grant brings graduate students from eight universities across North Carolina to the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), in Kannapolis, NC, for two consecutive summers of scientific and professional training. Competitively selected “Kannapolis Scholars” train in chemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and physiology in world-class facilities and receive 15-month ($37,300) fellowships.

What kind of research is done at Kannapolis?
Research on plant compounds is conducted at Kannapolis using chemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and physiology related to diet and health.

How is the Kannapolis Scholars Program funded?
The Kannapolis Scholars programs is funded by a 4-year USDA grant from their Bioactive Food Components for Optimal Health and the Improving Food Quality and Value programs.

Who are the university partners for the Kannapolis Scholars Program?
The university partners include Appalachian State University, Duke University, NC A&T State University, NC Central University, NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, UNC Charlotte

Where is Kannapolis?
Kannapolis is located off I-85 close Charlotte.

What is the North Carolina Research Campus and where is it located?
The North Carolina Research Campus, or NCRC is location that houses the laboratories where Kannapolis Scholars will be working. It is located in Kannapolis.

Who should apply?
Students entering a Master's or Doctoral program at UNC system schools or at Duke University. They should be United States citizens or permanent residents.

How do I apply for the Kannapolis Scholars Program?
You can apply for the Kannapolis Scholars program by sending an e-mail to Dr. Jack Odle (jack_odle@ncsu.edu). Applications are accepted beginning in November of each calendar year. The application deadline is March 1st of the following year.

Why should I apply?
Kannapolis Scholars are exposed to a broad range of scientific disciplines and have the opportunity to use some of the best scientific facilities available. Being a Kannapolis Scholar also provides funding for the first year and a half of your studies.

What type of training will students receive at Kannapolis?
Students will receive trans-disciplinary training in chemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and physiology related to diet and health.

How is continuity maintained across the two year period for Kannapolis Scholars?
Students will keep in contact through an interactive website when they are not at the Kannapolis campus.

How does being a Kannapolis Scholar affect their graduate program?
Students will be able to continue research on their regular programs, but are expected to conduct separate research in Kannapolis during two consecutive summers.

What are the expectations for students involved in the Kannapolis Scholars program?
Students are expected to conduct their own research projects in specific areas during two summers, using an interactive website to journal their learning process. They will be expected to keep contact through this website throughout the entire tenure at regular intervals, even when they return to their home universities.

Where do students live during their stay at Kannapolis?
Students will stay in housing organized by the program.

How can you get involved as an industry partner?
The Kannapolis Scholars Program will produce students that are highly trained to function in industry. Please contact Dr. Jack Odle (jack_odle@ncsu.edu) if you would like more information.

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