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LabCheck provides help for you in making your current lab report and your next lab report better. Use the LabChecklist for revising your lab report before turning it in. Use the LabCheck Evaluation Guide for help in understanding your graded lab report when it is handed back.

Directions: Click on the green button for (1) the type of lab you are doing (ask your lab instructor if you don't know) and (2) the mode you will use for LabCheck.


Types of Labs


Standard Lab
A lab in which you establish and test a hypothesis. Most labs are of this type.

Descriptive Lab
A lab that does not use a hypothesis: you follow a procedure and report findings.

Student-Designed Lab
A lab that is based on an experiment that you design.

LabChecklist: Self-Guide
An online checklist to use for revising your lab report, especially if you have written your report in the Self-Guide mode. Printable version available.

LabChecklist: Tutor
An interactive application to use for checking and revising a lab report you have written in the Tutor or Brief Tutor mode.

Evaluation Guide
An online guide to use after your graded lab report has been returned to help you understand the instructor's grade and to make your next report better. Printable version available.




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