SECTION FOUR : Discussion

Interpreting the results of the lab

Step 1: Write a sentence or two stating whether or not the results from the lab procedure fully support your hypothesis, do not support the hypothesis, or support the hypothesis but with certain exceptions.

Step 2: In a paragraph, identify specific data from your lab that led you to either support or reject your hypothesis. Refer to the visual representations of your data as evidence to back up your judgment about the hypothesis.

Step 3: In a paragraph, use your understanding of the scientific concept of this lab to explain why the results did or did not support your hypothesis. If the hypothesis from the Introduction was not fully supported, show how your understanding of the scientific concept has changed. Note any citations you use here for including in the Reference section of your report.

Step 4: Discuss other items as appropriate, such as (1) any problems that occurred or sources of uncertainty in your lab procedure that may account for any unexpected results; (2) how your findings compare to the findings of other students in the lab and an explanation for any differences; (3) suggestions for improving the lab.

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