Here are all of the publicly FTP-able Mac implementations of
kerberos-related authentication which I know about.
I welcome more and will try to update the list frequently.
Original - 06/09/93 by Everette Gray Allen (
Updated- 03/26/98 by Everette Gray Allen (

I found my self making a list of development projects for our MacAthena environment and thought my thinking out-loud might be useful to some other folks. EA.
Check out projects which need to be kerberized/hesioded on the Mac.

An extension to get allow programs to get authentication and tickets. Required to use their KerberosEudora with Kpopd also at this site. (Socket lib is here too).
Brown University

Read the Readme, note the restrictions, and follow.
An extension (kClient) with config file and program for
destroying tickets and changing passwords. Browns KerberosEudora works
with this init. Kerberos XCMD for Hypercard! Source code and API for
everything. Now contains the mods done at Utexas by Rick Watson. Also has the
crossover driver (kClientMan) which takes calls from the kdriver API and calls the Authentication
Manager API. This is the driver stub which allows any mac app to be kerberized and
use either kdriver or AuthMan. Great job bringing the V4 API's together so we can
move on and work on getting kerberized apps. Very well done!!
Cornell University - Project Mandarin

MIT's program to change your password. Also check out TechMail, TechInfo,
MacZephyr, and MacDiscuss. Each program must be modified with ResEdit to
reflect the servers, etc at your site. No source that I can find.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
--AND-- This is
the source code for making anything Mac speak MIT kerberos. Read the README,
note the restrictions and follow. You also need the socket libs from in /pub/TechMail/non-MIT. Source code.
The programing team is cleaning up the hesiod libs, and moving moria and other
libs to Code Warrior this summer. Should be an interesting improvment.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Authentication Manager extension. Handles TransArc AFS & MIT
authentication. Release. Updated in 1-95. Includes API, Hypercard XCMD, and
Klist, Kdestroy, Kinit, and kpasswd functionality. Also
handles multiple time services and has great menu bar User Interface. Now allows
Check out the new version of NCSA telnet 2.6 which uses AuthMan (no encrypted stream).
University of Michigan - CCS
--AND-- Apps and UAM forauthenticating
and managing AFS files as native Appleshare. Works only with Netatalk on unix which
is essentially a AFP-to-AFS translator machine as I understand it. Source code and binaries.
Unix Netatalk 1.3.3 in /unix/netatalk too.
University of Michigan - RS

A bundle which includes a back release (1.07) of Univ. of Michigan Authaman and
CMU's latest beta port of MacZephyr for Authman. Get MacZephyrBeta.sea.hqx.
Carnegie Mellon
Chris Newman jsd released a new telnet application for the Macintosh which
supports kerberos V4 (using AuthMan).It supports authentication, authentication passing and encryption (if the telnet server also supports it). Authentication passing only works
with AFS kerberos servers.
Carnegie Mellon

6) Rick Watson's port of kerb to NCSA's telnet
and Brown's TN3270 which now uses a modified version of the Brown/Cornell
kdriver (KerbEudora will work with this driver but Ktel/3270 will not with
stock Cornell kdriver). Nice interface on Kconfig, does everything in 1 program
(login, logout, show tickets,destroy tickets, configuration). Will encrypt
streamif ktelnetd is running on unix side.
No source but hey... source for NCSA Telnet is at in /Mac/Telnet.
Implements plugin encryption and authentication. Plugins for kerberos V4 and
Diffie-Hellman (only in servers from utexas which are not released.)
University of Texas

MacLeland driver, control panel, api's and protype apps. If you need Hesiod support, here it is.
Look at Andy's ports of Zephyr, Discuss, Eudora 1.3.1 and Telnet 2.6.x. Best "full
service" implemention I have seen to date of the MIT metaphore. Lots of new features
for remote management of clustered macintoshes, sharing AFS file space and printing accounting. Look at the Helper and Agent apps for access to kerberos thru Apple Events!
Check out the MacLeland Home Page on the web for more info.

The new telnet with plug-in authenticators for Authman and kdriver.
68k and PowerMac versions available.

9) An aside: Steve Dorner has added kerberos authentication
options to Mac Eudora in version 2.x. It appears that version 3.x will support hesiod configuration...only time will tell. Since this is in the for-pay version only
I have not referenced the url but the info is available from Qualcomm Inc.