Macintosh Software from NC State University Information Technology Division

All software found here is Copyright NC State University, 2000-2009.

AdminLauncher - An administrative application launching program for public or novice user environments.  Allows the machine administrator to create a menu of one click buttons to launch applications, documents etc.  Tips on deployment in multi-user environments.

webXkiosk - A full screen, web kiosk application with security, web screen saver,  and some "universal access" features.  This application can be used to create public infomation and/or web kiosks.

webXsaver - A screen saver module which will display a web page.  Used in lab settings to run banners over the login window on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4.

webXpreloginagent for 10.5+ - Is a Privileged Helper Tool application for 10.5+ which will display a single URL.  Used in digital signs to run banners over the login window in Mac OS X 10.5+.

klpr PDE - A printer dialog extension which interfaces with a cups backend to provide kerberized printing to LPRng servers under MacOS X 10.3 only.  Install includes klpr cups backend and lpd.conf file which must be configured for your environment.

Kerberized Prining for 10.2 only - Old way to print to kerberized print servers under 10.2 with scripted backend and iHook. There are better ways.

OpenAFS Configuration and Software:
NC State OpenAFS - Installation proceedure and software needed to setup kerberos and OpenAFS for use on Macintosh at NC State University.

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