International Vegetable Grafting Symposium, July 14 - 18, 2019


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Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations

  • Each oral presentation (except keynote lectures) has a total of 20 min, which includes a brief introduction by your moderator, your talk, and Q&A. Please limit your talk to 15 min so that there will be enough time to answer questions.
  • Each oral session will be followed by a 20-minute Extension Summation discussion aimed at developing consensus-based takeaway messages outlining the best immediate practical applications of the research-based information just shared. Therefore, please stay in the session room and plan to participate in the Extension Summation discussion after you give your talk.
  • Use of videos, website access and sounds requires prearrangement with the organizers. Please contact Chieri Kubota ( if such an arrangement is needed.
  • Please bring your presentation file on a USB memory stick and upload your presentation to the presentation room computer ahead of your session, no later than the morning of the day of your presentation. There are three rooms used for the oral presentations. Please make sure you are loading your presentation in the correct room.

Poster specifications

  • Poster dimensions are limited to 102-107 cm (40-42 inch) wide and 91-107 cm (36-42 inch) long (high).
  • Posters made from pieces of small sheets that are taped together will not be accepted for presentation.
  • Abstract title, authors names, and affiliations should be placed on the top of the poster.
  • Photographs of presenting authors can be included to the right of the poster title for author identification.
  • Use of sans serif-face font (e.g., Arial, Helvetica) is highly suggested.
  • Suggested font size for body of poster is a minimum of 28.
  • Suggested font size for titles and authors is a minimum of 60.
  • Incorporate color scheme and text effects to enhance the readability and visual quality of the poster.
  • Tables, figures, and photographs should be incorporated rather than just text on the poster.