Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Conference, March 14-16, 2018

Planning Committee Contacts

The following is a list of conference planning committee members. You will find their contact information when clicking on their names. Note that members with special responsibilities are denoted with red lettering.

Gary Blank, NC State University *program committee member and tour leader

Bill Cox, National Park Service

Debbie Danford, Texas A&M University

Carol Daniels, National Park Service

Eric Davidson, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science - Appalachian Laboratory

Thomas Doyle, U.S. Geological Survey *tour and excursion coordinator

Danny Filer, National Park Service

Jeremiah Leibowitz, formerly with Texas A&M University

Kelley McCarter, NC State University *conference logistics coordinator

Marian McCord, NC State University *host university representative

Alyssa Merka, University of Tennessee

Ken Meyer, Avian Research and Conservation Institute

Giselle Mora-Bourgeois, National Park Service, Texas A&M University *conference program committee co-chair

Shedrick Samuels, NC State University *conference registrations coordinator

Charlynne Smith, NC State University

Helena Solo-Gabriele, University of Miami *conference program committee co-chair