Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Conference, March 14-16, 2018

Welcome to the Southeast Regional CESU Rally

The Cooperative Ecosystem Study Units (CESU) located in the Southeast U.S. present this conference as a forum that brings together resource managers and research scientists to discuss findings and management needs associated with the lands, resources, and cultures of the southeastern United States. The theme of the conference, Collaboration and Cooperation in Protecting Resources and Ecosystems, refers to the additive and synergistic nature of the partnerships that the CESU National Network seeks to foster. Your interest and participation, as a speaker, poster presenter, funding partner or interested stakeholder, will be a key component to the successful outcome of the meeting.

The goal of the 2018 Southeast Regional CESU Rally is to disseminate and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary applied projects in the general area of conservation science and management. We invite researchers to present at this meeting with the possibility of aligning their expertise with the research needs of the federal partners. The meeting will include presentations by federal CESU partners who will describe their agency vision for research partnerships, highlight research needs, and explore funding opportunities.

Each participating CESU (Chesapeake Bay, Gulf Coast, Piedmont-South Atlantic, Southern Appalachian Mountains, and South Florida Caribbean) will highlight projects in their respective CESU areas. Initial thematic areas include Conservation Science and Management of Natural and Cultural Resources; Regional research; and Education, have been included in the draft agenda for the meeting. However, we welcome suggestions and abstract submissions for additional and more focused thematic areas.

Conference Planning Efforts

Inspiration for the planning of this conference was the last such gathering, hosted in 2011 by the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, FL. In 2016, faculty and staff from member universities, and various federal partners formed a planning committee representing the following collaborating CESUs:

National CESU Map

Call for Presentations

The program committee is accepting online abstract submissions through this website until January 12, 2018. If you are interested in submitting an abstract to make an oral or poster presentation at this conference, please visit the Call for Presenters webpage. In general, the program committee is seeking research presentations that highlight the diversity of projects accomplished through the CESU.

Keynote Speakers and Moderators Needed

The planning committee would like to receive volunteer moderators and nominations for keynote/invited speakers. In order to volunteer for the conference, or suggest a potential keynote speaker, please send an email to Helena Solo-Gabriele at University of Miami.

Registration, Tours, Agenda and Other Logistics

Please use the navigation menu on the left side of this webpage to see more details about the conference, how to register, obtain a hotel room and submit an abstract. This website will be updated weekly and be archived after the conference with speaker presentation materials.