Events & Professional Development

MEGA holds professional development sessions four times each year. The meetings are usually 3 hours long, held after school or on a Saturday morning. Two meetings are held in the fall, two in the spring. The last spring meeting, often the first week of May, is the MEGA Showcase. Students and their teachers volunteer to exhibit their multimedia and Web projects.

Technology renewal credits are available for teachers who participate. Teachers who cannot attend in person can still benefit by using the resources found on this Web page. 

Archived Events & Professional Development Opportunities

Over the past few years MEGA has enjoyed interaction with its members, University affiliates and community partners. Each of our professional development sessions presents a wealth of online resources.

Collaborative Projects

MEGA provides a community which makes collaborative online projects possible. These projects represent the work of researchers, teachers, and their students and are free for use by all educators. Content: science, math, english, social studies, technology education, and career exploration. We hope you enjoy trying these out in your classroom.

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