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21st Century Learning:
Innovative Teaching with Technology

ExplorNet - Center for Quality Teaching & Learning

October 2, 2003

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Welcome & Introductions
Lisa Grable & Beckey Reed

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Hiller Spires, Director


*HANDS-ON* Workshop - Northwestern University Collaboratory

Tamara McCulloch, Director of Instruction, ExplorNet


The Collaboratory is an easy-to-use, web-based collaborative environment that enables teachers to develop innovative curricular projects in a framework for engaged learning that is activity-based. It is a supportive and secure environment that teachers use to meet their specific curricular needs. By removing technical barriers to accomplishing objectives and delivering services, the Collaboratory enables teachers to carry out significant and meaningful educational activities that would otherwise be technically impossible or prohibitively expensive. Participate in a award-winning project and learn how easy it is to creat your own online project. Information for free online workshops available.


Put a "virtual" link in your teaching with the Collaboratory! High school teachers may find this very useful with their block classes.


Special Thanks...

Visit Explornet's new Quality Teaching and Learning Center, too! We appreciate their hospitality by hosting this opening event.







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