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Success for *ALL* Students:
Reading and Writing on the Web!

November 3, 2004

Centennial Campus Middle School - Raleigh

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3:15 - 4:00 PM - Networking
4:00 - 6:00 PM - Presentations

Featuring ...

Caroline McCullen & MidLink Magazine Teacher Editors

Delia DeCourcy, Cary Academy, Cary, NC
Delia's Powerpoint Presentation
Delia's Teaching Website:
See her upcoming project, Portraits of Afghanistan
Created right here in Raleigh, cruise Delia's "ECHOES:
Great Poets Inspiring Young Writers"

Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Brenda's Powerpoint Presentation

Brenda's award-winning "We the Children" project has just been selected
as a Finalist in the Global Junior Challenge:
This is just a sample of her outstanding online projects coming to us from Canada. Brenda was also a Finalist in the 2004 GSN Global Shared Learning Award! Congratulations to Brenda, her new book was just released this week by NMSA: "The Rebooting of a Teacher's Mind"! We were all touched by her stories of the Eleanor Rigby project on the homeless:

Glenn Gurley, Highland School of Technology, Gastonia, NC
Glenn's Powerpoint Presentation
From here in North Carolina, Glenn is collecting stones & schools from around the world in his project "If Stones Could Speak"

Glenn would welcome Mentors!
Perhaps some of our kind business partners would be interested in this: E-Mentoring at Highland School of Technology

Karen Kliegman, Searingtown School, Herricks UFSD, Albertson, NY
Karen's Powerpoint Presentation
Check out Karen's very timely "Meet the Candidates" Webquest:

Wonderful links Karen shared at the MEGA Meeting & with our NC State classes:

Searingtown Library Media Center:

Weekly Reader Election Headquarters:

American Museum of the Moving Image:


Multiple Intelligences and Technology: A Manual for Every Mind:

Multiple Intelligences Website:


Walls That Talk Project:

Wall of America:

Walls Around the World:

Project-Based Learning Module:

Peace Corps Culture Matters:

Cathy McQuone, Florida State University School, Tallahassee, FL
Cathy's Powerpoint Presentation

Cathy's "Java for the Teacher" is collection of Java computer programs specifically designed by junior and senior high school students to demonstrate classroom content.
Learn more about this FSUS Oracle Internet Course
Cathy's "classy" Class Website:
View her photojams of Hurricane Houses

Thanks to Dave Warlick for his latest Blog - An Ancient Jewel of Value

These creative teachers will share projects across the curriculum for elementary, middle, & high school students. Learn how they are connecting with classrooms around the world.

Come Celebrate *10* Years Online with MidLink Magazine Teacher Editors!! Thanks to Ken Branch, Cindy Privette & CCMS for hosting this event:-)

WCPSS Educators can still sign-up in eSchoolSolutions for renewal credit:
MEGA 2004-2005 is Course: TECH64307
SRN is 246430701.

Technology renewal credit will be provided for other LEAs.






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