The Internet is a vast repository of information and this serves as a key knowledge base for educators participating in MEGA. MEGA members help identify the best resources for teaching and learning. You can use this Web site to find information for technology and learning.


MEGA's mission to build a presence for technology within the classroom is to provide teachers with a resource for professional development and act as a reservoir of information. Our goal is to establish a networked community of teachers who will use technology as a tool for shared decision-making and enhancing the curriculum through collaborative on-line projects. One of our most valuable resources are the many members and partners who exchange ideas via our MEGA listserv. MEGA is a support network for educators and provides models for other teachers who conduct teaching and learning of technology in the classroom. As part of this support network we also offer workshops and professional development for educators.

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MEGA was established to enable middle school educators through technology and the shared human resources of North Carolina State University, Johnston County Public Schools, and Wake County Public Schools. As a pilot project to foster communication and collaboration between these organizations, it was supported by the College of Education and Psychology to ultimately enhance the curriculum in North Carolina middle schools. The professional development of teachers, administrators, and teacher educators who can evolve to compete in this global environment and contribute their knowledge in this age of expanding information was viewed as critical to school improvement and underlies the mission of MEGA.

The Advisory Board of MEGA first met in November, 1995 to establish direction for the group, identify existing resources, explore possible collaborations, and establish a virtual community. Training for MEGA members was provided by the Center for Learning Technologies now called Learning Technologies Resource Center in December to assist in creation of school home pages, which were constructed during the spring of 1996. Six middle schools, Carnage, Ligon, Martin, Smithfield, West Lake, and West Millbrook, established their web sites using the talents of their school communities and through innovative techniques. Faculty in the College of Education and Psychology began development in their areas of content expertise to contribute to projects on MEGA.

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MEGA Mentors

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MEGA Sponsors

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Sam Snyder, Associate Dean
Beckey Reed, Consultant, School Services

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Contact Us

We hope you will consider joining our network of MEGA educators. Professional development opportunities are offered through the College of Education at NC State University. For information about MEGA feel free to contact:

Sam Snyder, Associate Dean, College of Education

Beckey Reed, Consultant, School Services, College of Education

For information on joining MEGA see How to Join.

If you are already a member and need to update your information: Update MEGA info

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