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Digital Literacy

Paul Gilster

Paul Gilster is a freelance writer specializing in computers and technology. He is the author of six books about the Internet, all from John Wiley & Sons: Digital Literacy (1998), The Web Navigator (1997), The New Internet Navigator (1995), Finding It on the Internet (1994), The Mosaic Navigator (1995) and The SLIP/PPP Connection (1995). Gilster has also contributed frequently to numerous technology and business magazines, and has published essays, feature stories, reviews and fiction in a wide range of publications both in and out of the computing field. For the past twelve years, he has written the weekly "Computer Focus" column, which now appears in The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC). Before turning to writing full-time in 1985, he was, at various times, a specialist in medieval literature, a commercial pilot, and the owner of a wine shop. Even his wife got confused.


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