Volume 14, Issue 1, 2011

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Learning is in the Hands of the Beholder

As technology paves the way toward a more individualized professional and personal life for most Americans, it also leads toward customized learning. This issue of Meridian Online Journal illustrates how a customized education creates new and exciting worlds for students. They may participate in blended learning environments using handheld computing devices; some may never even use a printed textbook. The photo above reflects handheld devices that are gaining popularity, particularly for elementary classrooms (Alexiou-Ray & Wright, 2011).

In this issue, Alexiou-Ray and Wright explore students’ and parents’ perceptions of handheld computer use in the classroom. Olthouse provides a teacher’s perspective of the problems, along with the potential, of using online curricula. Wolfe examines middle school students’ perceptions of technology use and concludes with intriguing findings. Meyrick elucidates current taxonomies for delivering STEM education, and how these approaches compare to more traditional methods. Finally, Zheng has translated an article from a previous Meridian Online Journal issue into Chinese for our International segment.

Meridian Online Journal continues to be one of the most widely read graduate student reviewed journals and university-based publications housed completely online. It is our hope that Meridian Online Journal reflects the customized needs of our readers. We appreciate the teachers, students, administrators, professors, and others who make up our readership. We hope to continue bringing readers useful information that is relevant for effective 21st century teaching and learning.

Alexiou-Ray, J. & Wright, V. (2011). Handheld computers in the elementary classroom: Students and parents share their thoughts. Meridian Online Journal, 14(1), 1-9.

Daniel Stanhope and Jennifer Tingen Tagsold
Editors, Meridian Online Journal



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