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Update on: Language Arts Comes Alive as Middle School Learners Become Information Producers

Alice A. Christie, Valerie A. Naish, M.Ed., Jayme A. Kelter, Cory E. Pearman, William J. Wycoff, III, & Jason T. Gender

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In a collaborative visual literacy project between a university professor and school teacher, middle school students used digital video and iMovie to master state language arts standards.

We are pleased to include this update to Dr. Christie's article that ran in our Winter 2004 edition now with links to student work. These links are in QuickTime format.

  • The first video ( called Our Chance of a Life Time shows a variety of student digital video editing projects.

  • The second video ( called Reflections explores students' thoughts on learning with a digital camera in their hands.

  • The third video ( called Student Projects spotlights the students' school video news magazine.



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