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April - June 2002 

Leader climbing mountain

I'm Leading.  Is Anyone Following?  How would you define good leadership?  Schools around the world are invited to participate by identifying the world's most effective leaders.  Join us by  profiling your choice of leaders from history, the recent past, or the present-day leaders who positively shaped the times in which they lived.  You might even highlight a leader in your school.  Don't miss the Leadership Kaleidoscope of student writing and displays.  We promise it will inspire you!
Teacher Editor:  Brenda Dyck, bpettersen@canada.com, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Poetry Post: A Uni’verse’al Writing Project for K-12 Students
Teachers are invited to share their students’ creative thinking and writing through a variety of poetry forms. Participants will help create a web of poetry revealing the similarities and differences of global classmates.  Teachers are also invited to join “Poetivity” - An E-Mail discussion group for teachers interested in sharing ideas for developing poetry writing and creativity in the classroom.
Teacher Editor: Wanda Day, whday@earthlink.net Memphis, TN (Ongoing Project)

Poetry & Music From Italy:  Students read and write original poetry and select music to express their interpretation of it. This project originates in Italy, and invites all students to help create a virtual concert on the Web!
Teacher Editor:  Gian Carlo Visani: giavisa@tin.it, Casola Valsenio, Casola Valsenio, Italy

Stock Market Simulation: Join this exciting simulation and "play" with the stock market to see how well you ride the roller coaster.  This project includes math and technology skills, plus participants agree it's a great deal of fun.  See samples from last year and get ready to create your own stock market report.
Teacher Editor: Arnold Pulda, Dougherty Memorial High School, Worcester, MA

Notable North Carolinians: Discover famous...and not-so-famous North Carolinians from every corner of the Tar Heel State. Students research state history and learn about the people who contributed to North Carolina's rich heritage and history.  Includes rubrics, templates, and everything you need.  Here's a great idea:  Start your own state's "Notable" site and we will point to you from MidLink. 
Teacher Editor: Glen Gurley, Mount Holly Middle School, Mt. Holly, NC

We, the Children:  Explore one of the most basic human rights, the right to a "Safe Place".  Participants will explore links, take part in learning activities, and discuss the issues related to student rights.  Writing from children in Israel, Canada, and other regions of the world.
Teacher Editor:  Brenda Dyck, ABC Charter School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I Have a Dream, TOO! Returning to MidLink Magazine this year for a third time, this project is simple, but powerful.  Students think about their dreams for the future and share them with the world.  In the tradition of Martin Luther King's legacy of peace, dreams from all over the world will be posted together.