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April - June 2003
(NOTE:  Contact Teacher-Editors to Participate in the Projects Below)

 If Stones Could Speak

  • If Stones Could Speak - The Chicago Tribune Tower has more than 100 famous stones, including a moon rock, rock fragments from the Alamo, the Coliseum, and the Great Wall of China.  There are stones from all 50 US states and many countries.  Participants in this project will reserve “check out” rock fragments and will create projects that share, through the stone’s point of view, the historical importance surrounding the time period that it represents.  
    Teacher-Editors: Glenn Gurley, Highland School of Technology, Gastonia, NC
    Eddie Hamblin, Randolph County Schools, Ashboro, NC


  • Echoes: Brilliant Poets Inspiring Students of Poetry - Learn about modern and contemporary poets and read student written poetry inspired by these very writers.  The longer our list of poets the better!  Have your students write biographies of famous poets then create works modeled after their poet of choice.  We’re creating an encyclopedia of modern and contemporary poetry one classroom at a time.  Please join us!
    Teacher-Editor: Delia DeCourcy, Cary Academy, Cary, NC


  • Java for the Teacher: A collection of Java computer programs specifically designed by junior and senior high school students to demonstrate classroom content. Over the course of the year, junior and senior high school students will write Java computer programs to display topics that will help the teacher teach. For example,
    • Algebra II - Display the Fibonacci Sequence up to the sum of 10,000
    • Physics: Create a 3 column Table of Horizontal and Vertical Distances of a Projectile tossed at 0, 1, 2, ... 90 degrees.
    • Join us and serve up some Java for YOUR teacher!  You determine the content.
    Teacher-Editor, Cathy McQuone, cmcquone@garnet.acns.fsu.edu
    Florida State University School, Tallahassee, FL
  • Walls That TalkAre there special walls in your region that memorialize historical events?  Consider how they might compare to other memorial walls around the world.  Students are invited to put history into perspective by exploring special walls in their region, adding to the virtual walls in this project, or creating their own "Wall of America."  Choose how you would like to participate...The design of the project is up to you!  Go to the Resources page to see a list of walls to get you started.
    Teacher Editor: Karen Kliegman

    Searingtown School, Albertson, New York
  • Stories From the Streets
    "You won't know where you're going until you've found where you've been."

    Looking for a telecollaborative project to finish your school year off with a bang? Classrooms across the country are invited to join the middle school students from Master's Academy as they explore the proud history behind the streets that surround where they live and go to school. Project participants will research the historical background behind their street names and create web pages to house the information. Student work will be linked to the "Stories From the Streets" homepage. Get a taste of the learning potential found in this project by viewing the "Stories From the Street" student work from Master's Academy, a project brimming with proud World War One military history. A link to this students work is included on the project page.
    Teacher Editor: Brenda Dyck bdyck@masters.ab.ca
    Master's Academy and College, Calgary, Alberta