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MidLink Samplers: August - October 2003

This is a great time to gather inspiration for the new school year by browsing this sampling of exemplary projects.

  • Leeds County Peregrine Falcon Project- Explore the wildlife recovery program aimed at reestablishing a breeding population of Peregrine falcons in Leeds County. Peregrine Falcons are native to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River area.
    Athens District High School, Athens, Ontario

  • New York and Vienna - 8th graders in North Carolina and Austria exchange information about Vienna and New York from 1890 - 1910.  They created newspapers in both German and English by writing authentic news items from this time period.
    Cary Academy, Cary, NC

  • The Uplifts Project - Students use electronic tools to communicate across the oceans as they study China and the Pacific Rim. The Canadian author David Bouchard will take on a telementoring role during his travels across Canada.
    Riverbend School, Alberta, Canada

  • Canadian Heroes and Heroines - See Canadian heroes and heroines - past, present and future from various backgrounds, of different ages, professions and fields of endeavor. This project highlights Canadians who have made a difference.
    St. Elizabeth School, Ottawa, Ontario

  • KidSpired Tales: A Collaborative Project - Students select a book and read it as a read-aloud or a shared reading.  Next, the class creates a different version, new ending, or sequel to the story.  Come join the fun!  This is a collaborative project by two creative teachers in:
    Comsewogue School District, Port Jefferson Station, New York and
    North Canton City Schools, North Canton, Ohio