Transferring AOL Favorites from Home to School

Transferring Favorites and Bookmarks is an extremely important skill.  Try one of the methods below to transfer your bookmarks from home to school or vice versa.

For AOL Users: 
Below are TWO methods that work, but the first one is only available for users of AOL4.0 and above.

PROCESS 1 - ( CAUTION:  This process will REPLACE all of the Favorites on the computer to which you import them. In other words, when you "Replace" favorites, you erase the Favorites that already exist.)

1. Pull down your “Favorites” menu and release on “Favorites.”

2. In the smaller window with all of your “Favorites” listed, click on the “Save and Replace” button in the bottom right hand corner. (See below)

3. Click on the “Save” option and then click “OK.”

4. You will now be able to choose where you want to save.  Save them to your disk by using the pull-down menu to choose your floppy disk.  Then click on “Save.”  Do not change the file name, especially the file extension at the end of the name.  Your file will be called “Favorite Places.pfc”  (I happen to be working on a PC, but I suspect the process is the same for Macs.)

5.  Take your disk to school, start AOL, and repeat the process, choosing “Replace the Favorite Places” instead of saving them.

Remember:  The process above will REPLACE all of the Favorites on the computer to which you import them.

PROCESS 2 -  Use “Copy,” “Paste,” and e-mail.

1. Open a word processing file and leave it running in the background.

2. Open AOL and go to a favorite site. 

3. Click in the bar at the top containing the web address: http:www.????.  This will “Select” the address.

4. Pull down the “Edit” menu and Release on “Copy” (Or use the keyboard commands: hold down the “Control” and “c” keys on a PC or “Apple” and “c” on a Mac.) This copies the address into your computer’s memory.

5. Remember that word processing file?  Find it on the task bar or with the finder and bring it to the front so you can work on it.

6. Once you see the cursor blinking in the word processing file, pull down the “Edit” menu and release on “Paste.”  You should see the address in your document. 

7. Repeat this process and save the document.  Mail it to your self and pick it up on your machine at home.  Then click on each of the addresses to visit them.  Once there, simply add them to your “Favorites.”

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