Managing Bookmarks and Favorites

If you have trouble finding bookmarks and favorites after you save them, you may want to organize them according to topics. Follow the steps below, and you're guaranteed to click through your bookmarks quickly and find the site you need.

1.  In Netscape, pull down the "Bookmarks"   menu to "Edit Bookmarks," click and release.

 bkmk1.gif (7839 bytes)

2. Pull down the file menu and release on "New Folder". This will create a folder in which to organize web sites with a similar scope and focus. The new folder will be created in the place you select. The folder below will be created in "Personal Bookmarks".

3. Name the folder by typing the topic in the narrow white space beside "Name"  and click on "OK."

newflder.jpg (19267 bytes)

4. When you get to a page you want to bookmark, click on "Bookmarks, " slide the menu bar to the right to "File Bookmarks, " and click and release on the folder in which you want to place it. It will now be in that folder, rather than a long list of unrelated bookmarks.

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In Internet Explorer:

1. When you find a page you want to add to your favorites, click on the "Favorites" menu and release on "Add to Favorites."

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