MidLink Magazine 2006 - 2007
You're Invited to Participate!


MidLink Magazine's Mission: To highlight exemplary work from the most creative classrooms around the globe.  We are a non-profit organization, supported by NC State University and the University of Central Florida.  Any school or teacher is invited to participate. (See Submission Guidelines.)

Teachers:  Plan ahead to include MidLink Magazine projects in your classroom this year by looking at project descriptions in the MidLink Table of Contents.  Need more information?  Contact any one on the team of MidLink Teacher-Editors

Content: Must be original, must enhance learning, and must come directly from a classroom. Our pages reflect the creative learning process that exists in classrooms where technology is the vehicle or enhancement, but academics are the focus.  (NOTE:  We do not include projects that charge a fee for participation.)

All participants:  Teachers will receive an award graphic for the school Web site, a certificate, and may be featured in educational journals or international publications.  Join the fun, address your curriculum standards, AND get recognition for your school!  That's what MidLink Magazine is all about Need more information?  Contact any one on the team of MidLink Teacher-Editors.

How to Participate: If you are interested in sharing your work with the global audience of MidLink readers, just read the easy instructions and you can be part of the MidLink Team.