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Table of Contents

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January - March
Statistics: Curiosity Factor
Federal Holiday Web Quest
We, the Children
Pi, The Golden Ratio

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January -March 2003
Math Scholar Counting on Fingers

  • Statistics: A Curiosity Factor
    We are bombarded with statistics every day of our lives. Understanding this subject will allow students to make informed judgments about the statistics presented by others to persuade them. Middle school students from Master's Academy would like to invite classes to join them in their math-based project, "Statistics: A Curiosity Factor." Students will consider the importance of making informed decisions about statistics. They will view short online videos from the Gallop Organization, take an online survey and graph the results using an online survey tool, create their own graphable question and then present their data by staging their own "Gallop-like" video presentation. Student work will be posted on the project page.
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta

  • ZenZine: Short Fiction by Young Writers - Writing short fiction requires a careful balance of plot and character, detail and leaving a bit to the imagination.  Itís all about the Yin and the Yang.  Looking for a place to publish student work that achieves the amazing balance the ZenZine is looking for?  Please submit! 
    Teacher-Editor: Delia DeCourcy, Cary Academy, Cary, NC

  • Federal Holiday Web Quest Blue Web'n Hot Site of the Week
    Participate in this patriotic, timely Web Quest:  Your country desperately needs your help in creating a new federal holiday that best represents the spirit of America. Your task will not be an easy one, because you must imagine a holiday that represents your idea of America. You will need to determine what the United States means to you, and to your fellow countrymen.  We need the students of America to remind us what the United States really means.
    Teacher Editor: Karen Kliegman
    Searingtown School, Albertson, New York

  • We the Children
    In this simulation, students assume the roles of committee members attending a meeting at the United Nations.  Their task is to speak on behalf of the youth of the world and present their ideas about the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child.  This project provides opportunities for thoughtful reflection on issues of peace, safety, and responsibility.  Students hone their writing, speaking, and research skills as they learn about the UN and global issues.
    Teacher Editor, Brenda Dyck, Master's Academy, Calgary, Alberta

  • Pi, the Golden Ratio
    Students at Maitland Middle School, Maitland, Florida, learned a great deal and had fun, too, as they studied the Golden Ratio. Use their PowerPoint projects as tutorials, or have students create their own presentations as a response.  We can post all examples in MidLink for a Golden Ratio Festival!  Projects will remain on-line indefinitely, so join this project at any time.
    Teacher Editors, Cathy Stephens
    stephec@ocps.k12.fl.us   & Jackie Helms helmsl@ocps.k12.fl.us
    Maitland Middle School,  Maitland, FL