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How to Cite Your Sources: First Things First!

  Reliability | Getting Permission | Citing Web Pages | Citation Machine | MLA Guidelines
                                                     (Copyright Guidelines)                                                   (NEW!)

  Is the web site reliable? Should you cite it as a valid resource?  These sites provide excellent help:

  Getting Permission...Use these handy templates for requesting permission to post Web graphics on your own Web page.  (Includes links to most current copyright guidelines.)

Citation Machine from the Landmark Project - Type your sources into the Web form and the machine automatically formats them in MLA style.

  How to Cite a World Wide Web Page:

  • Example:
    Author(s). Name of Page. Date of posting or revision. Name of organization/institution associated with the site. Date of Access <electronic address>.
    Note:  Use angled brackets around the electronic address; MLA requires them for clarity.

  • See Purdue University Online Writing Lab for "Works Cited" specifics for all electronic resources.

  How to Cite ANY resource: