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A Celebration of Peace:  Wishes for the Future

Celebrate Your Holiday in MidLink Magazine

MidLink Magazine celebrates hopes and dreams of peace and understanding. These projects are ideal for the holiday season, including President's Day and Martin Luther King Day... and all are linked to curriculum standards. 

  • Poetry Post - Celebrate the season of peace with some holiday poetry.  Your poems will be featured on the MidLink Menu.

  • International Poetry Exchange - Join students in Italy and other locations around the world as they translate their feelings into original poetry and art.

  • Peace Symbols Gallery - What does peace mean to you?  What symbols signify the concept of "peace" in your region?  Exploris Museum invites you to submit your regional symbols of peace.   We will create a mosaic of peace symbols from around the world.  Come back often and watch it GROW!

  • Paper Cranes for Peace:  Peace Challenge 2001 - You are invited to fold paper cranes for peace in this established project from Australia.  This is a wonderful December activity.

  • Holidays and Special Days - Which holidays do you celebrate?  Why do you celebrate them?  What customs do you practice each year?  Contribute to this project and read the research conducted by other students around the world.

    • More Holiday Links and Activities:

      • KidLink's Multicultural Calendar - Created by Kids. Explore the KidLink site for many more exciting activities.

  • The Voices of Youth - Brainstorm ways to avoid conflicts and celebrate this season of peace.  Unicef invites students of any age to share their ideas about peace. Send a message of peace or read those written by international students (in French or Spanish) as they consider world conflicts and how we can end them. This site provides a unique view of what students in other countries think of conflict. You may submit art or writing and see the work of students in other countries.

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