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Graphic by Chelsea Thomas: See Peace Cards below.
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Coming in February: I Have a Dream, TOO! and MORE...
You can help us build a menu of dreams.

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) Monu-MENTALUpdated! Enjoy history by studying historical buildings and landmarks.  You are invited to share your own monuments with MidLink readers.  Don't miss a special look at landmarks across the country from a former Maine Teacher of the Year. (A MEGA Project)

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) Peace Cards:   Enjoy these beautiful visions of peace and understanding from Ligon Middle School.   You are invited to contribute your own peaceful wishes to our holiday site.  The MidLink Magazine Team of teachers and students extends warmest wishes of the season to you.

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) Thousand Paper Cranes for Peace:   This site is filled with activities, graphics, and information about world peace.   You can make a paper crane and join the fun!

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) Holiday Links: No matter what holiday you celebrate, you'll find interesting facts and great activities here.

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) The International Book Fair and Book Link: Book Reviews and Author Multimedia shows.  Play these newly updated HyperStudio Author Projects in REALTIME! (New Windows and MAC Plug-ins available on this page.)

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) MidLink ABC's: Kids put a new twist on the alphabet with The MidLink ABCs. Students pick a letter and research something beginning with that letter. Write to David Kafitz to find out how your school can be a part of this project.

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) The Virtual Quilt: Join our virtual quilting bee.  Just create a "patch" describing your county or province and our web-weavers will sew your patch into this growing collaborative quilt. Write to Brett DeMatteo to find out how to "sew" your own patch.

WB01062_.GIF (954 bytes) Write Spot:  Read original stories and poems by MidLink readers. You are invited to participate by sending us your stories, poetry, or drama

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