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Current Articles:  December '99 - January 2000

Virtual Time Capsule Select Virtual Artifacts that reflect your culture and your school.  Consider which items will help students of tomorrow understand what our culture is like today.  Wanda Day, Memphis, TN and , Julie Kitchingman, Perth, Australia, will lead you through some critical thinking activities that will ring in the next century in WEB Style. (Curriculum Connections:  language arts, social studies, science)

World Time Capsule: (Deadline December 31) Students in Singapore invite you to help them build a world time capsule.  Mdm Wong Lai Fong and Heryanti, Anderson Secondary School, Singapore, invite you to participate in their menu of activities. This project is a wonderful way to welcome the New Year. (Curriculum Connections:  language, social studies, science)

World in the Year 1000 Cary Academy students try to put Y2K into perspective by considering the year 1000.  What was the world like during the first millennium celebration?  See what these students discovered in their research projects.

World Population Clock Take a few moments to visit this site by the US Census Bureau. Check out the world population...and watch it grow by the second!  You can also go to the World Clock by Timeanddate.com to see what time it is in any city in the world.

A Million Paper Cranes for Peace by the year 2000 - Sadako was just two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The effects of her exposure caught up with her some ten years later and she fought a courageous battle with leukemia.
     During her treatment she began to fold a thousand paper cranes (senbazuru) so that her wish for good health would come true. She died before completing her task. Her fellow students folded the remainder of the cranes which were buried with her. You can help her complete the task by folding your own cranes.
        The cranes are placed at the foot of the monument where the inscription reads:  ‘This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.’

Stepping into the New Millennium Ligon Middle School students step into the new year in style.  They created beautiful stepping stones to guide their steps. Art teacher, Karen Thorsen developed this art/poetry project in her classroom.

Fables for the Millennium Students at Lionsville Middle School, Exton, PA, wrote fables to start the new year.  Each of these original fables has a moral, and some good advice for the new year. 

The Voices of Youth Discuss Peace and Conflicts:  UNICEF invites students of any age to share their ideas about peace. Send a message of peace or read those written by international students (in French or Spanish) as they consider world conflicts and how we can end them. This site provides a unique view of what students in other countries think of conflict. You may submit art or writing and see the work of students in other countries.

It’s Monu-MENTAL Select a regional historical monument, building, park, or landmark and research its  history.  Study the design of the structure and its architectural features in math or art class.  Study its historical significance in social studies.  Write about it in language arts. (Curriculum Connections: interdisciplinary, history/social studies, language arts, math, science)

The Caxton Project The purpose of this project is to establish an on-line community of adolescent readers and writers. William Caxton was the first to publish books in English, and the site was inspired by this landmark event. Teachers may use this site to help their students select appropriate reading materials as well as to encourage students to write reviews for publication on the World Wide Web; additional links for teachers provide lesson plans and scholarly publications about literature for adolescent. Contact the webmaster, Alicia Jackson for further information.

Peace Poster Contest: The Lions' Club sponsors this annual contest inviting students to draw pictures of peace.  Each school needs to find a local Lions' Club Sponsor, and the rest is easy.  See last year's winners here.

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